Firefox: The address wasn't understood

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Published 09/19/2016 at 8:43pm UTC

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When trying to either enter your host's waiting room, or to Join to Session your participants while using Firefox, you an error page: This address was not understood, with a URL that starts with vsee:pnkpun


Firefox message: this address wasn't understood

Possible Causes

Firefox throws this error when it cannot find the application to launch, even though it has done it successfully before.


This happens if you have installed VSee once and used it for SecureVideo sessions before, but now VSee has somehow become uninstalled on your computer. When Firefox tries to start the session using previous settings, it can't find VSee. You will need to install VSee again. 




See our installation help article for instructions on installing VSee on your Windows computer or installing VSee on your Mac computer using Firefox.


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